The Journey of a Thousand Illustrations

Part of the joy of creating anything, is the process of watching it develop from a kernel of an idea, through the various stages of development (some more frustrating than others!), and finally into the finished product you show to the world.

Truthfully, it’s a lot like raising a child. But hopefully doesn’t take quite as long and doesn’t eat you out of house and home when it’s a teenager 😉

As I traveled this journey with my latest release “Rabbit’s Bad Habit,” my characters experienced several evolutions. I’ll consider it all part of my finding my “illustrator’s voice” for the book… essentially, what did I want my characters to look like? It was often a tough decision, and I’ve saved a few of those early sketches to show you below. To see how the final evolution of these early sketches, check out the book here!

rabbit faces
Sketched some expressions… still working on what Rabbit will look like.
Triangle Rabbit
Played with a triangle-shaped Rabbit… I liked it, but found the shape limiting.
Comb Over
Toyed with giving Mr. Rooster the teacher a stress-induced “comb-over.” Lol!
Pig was tricky. She had a wide range of facial expressions… and a bit of an attitude! 😉
Cute Rabbit
Sooo close… But still not quite how my Rabbit will look.
puppy rabbit
Rabbit or puppy??


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